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Doodling with PC3-counter-errors + 30 band multi compression

Theo Verelst

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For those interested in R&D which should be part of future synths and romplers, I've used my (complicated see elsewhere) setup for making the Kurzweil PC3 sounds more pleasant and loudness independent (to a na extend) to play some random sounds from the rom and squeeze the result through a 30 band multicompressor running on another computer, coupled over a gigaethernet letting me try out what in studios must have been quite a work "live':


hamidimu1.mp3 stereo 44.1 256kbps, 2min27


Because I also wanted to upsample the Kurzweil's output with a good filter (alsa_in on Linux, quality 3 out of 4, takes noticeable processor load) to 192 kHz (used for all processing) the total delay probably was longer than 50 mSec or even more, but anyhow then I can try these sounds out.


I can get huge sounds from my order(.5kW) system as well as headphones and at the same time get subtle late night sounds and decent solo sounds without the edges and distortion this way and perfectly compressable output, which lik enever works another way thus far, unless I use my own sounds and tune the processing a lot.


Theo Verelst

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