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Here's a great (shamefully) obscure pop song with one of my fave solos that should at least get a chuckle and a few minutes out of enjoyment from anybody here:


"Amplifier" by The dB's, from 1982 (vid from a subsequent re-release of the song in '84)




Solo mimed in the vid by Peter Holsapple, who wrote and sang the song, though I think it was recorded by Chris Stamey, who'd left the band before the vid was made...


Video directed by Walter "Mr. Bill" Williams, with usual trademark dark humor.

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lightbulb.gif I can just picture someone coming in when Danny has a noose around his neck while perched on a rickety stepladder and playing a piano held up in the air by two unsteady guys, and they immediately exclaim, "HEY, you shouldn't smoke that cigarette- those things'll kill you!!" :D



Years ago, I had sold a guitar, amp, and a couple of pedals to a guy; the amp was a SS Peavey Deuce 2x12 combo, and extremely heavy in spite of its being SS. I really wish I still had those pedals, but I digress...


Well, someone broke into that poor guy's apartment up on the third floor and stole EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING- TV, stereo, furniture, the guitar, the pedals, clothes, bedding, food out of the fridge, lightbulbs out of the sockets, toilet paper, everything- EXCEPT for that Peavey Deuce amplifier, which had been dragged halfway across the room towards an open window by a fire-escape, and left...

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

_ ___ _ Leprechaun, Esquire _ ___ _

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man... life imitates art...


Peter says he was walking home in NYC one night and for some reason the rhythm popped into his head, with the line "Johnny went home and killed himself last night..." and he had to think about why Johnny would kill himself? His woman left him... and she took everything... except for the most useless item by itself in the universe: an amplifier.


and an amplifier's just wood and wire

and wire and wood don't do any good

when your heart is wasted like a pit of wildfire and all you've got to show for it's...

an amplifier

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