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Double tier stand top tier adjustable vertically?

Benjie P

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Anyone know who made the stands that seem to have been discontinued that were double tiered and the top tier was adjustable vertically? It was an x style stand and was a system where you adjusted the top tier by lining up holes to put a bolt through then put on a nut, and the tilt was adjustable via these circles that were cog like. They were standard backline stands on all the festivals, clubs, etc. for the longest and then disappeared. I've been doing a ton of gigs lately where I'm using two boards and the top one is just a little too high and there's no more room for adjustment and it's killing my neck and back, help!
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As much as I strongly advise against the use of X stands, OnStage also makes one that does what you want:




The QuikLok WS550 with the 2nd tier components also does what you want, and is a FAR more stable & robust stand.





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I don't know which old stand you're referring to, but it sounds like the top tier 18881 "stacker" for the K&M 18880 stand works just as you describe, in terms of the way you describe lowering the height and adjusting the tilt. (Plus it's not an X stand.)

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