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My Wife Said:

Paul K

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When I took out my BenLoy to take pictures, my wife said she didn't remember me having that bass. Since it is black and my others are red, it does look different.


This was partially due to her not caring too much about my equipment (other than it seems that there is a lot of it), and the fact that I have not used the BenLoy very much.


Of course, I don't change my equipment very often, so there is a lack of financial transactions or discussions about basses. SteveC has been more active in this area.




Acoustic Color


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My wife notices everything.

Didn't you already have a bass like that

Is that another Avalon?

Why don't you just get a 5 string - you know you never keep 4's....


maybe ignorance is better.




Yeah, she's a little too observant.

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