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Ensonic MR 76 w no output


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Welcome to the forum. I've never owned an Ensonic MR76. Someone somewhere has probably had a problem with one - some members here check in more often than others. Based on a quick search, seems like it started manufacture in 1996.


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It would help if you could give more information about the problem. Has it been working previously? Or have you just bought it and not been able to get any sound out of it?

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First, make doubly sure that you're plugged into the normal outputs and not the auxiliary ones. I've made that mistake!


Next, try headphone outputs. If those work, then it's possible that the main outs are blown somehow. If so, I think you can configure it to use the aux outputs instead.


Finally, if nothing else works, and if your keybed is in good condition, let me know and I'll buy it from you for the keybed. Mine's pretty beat up. Too many blues jams!


MR76 was an incredibly good keyboard. The piano still holds up and sounds better than a number of today's DPs. Other great patches include Vibes & SuitcasePiano, plus cool strings & pads. All that with only 32MB of sound memory! The ZR76 was even better, adding patch buttons front and center. On the MR, you have to use the sequencer to get quick patch access, and that limits some of the options.


I'll be sorry when I do finally retire mine.

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A quick google search tells me you'll find thes ervice manual here:



I had this happen on my MR-61. Probable cause malfunctioning motherboard, not economical to diagnose and not possible to replace, thus retired. Try ebay for another.

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Update From Patrick:

After going over the audio and main boards of my MR76 with an oscilloscope and meter I'm pretty sure the problem is on the main board with a custom Ensoniq surface mount processor chip 1380000201. I have reinitialized it and all that before opening it up. Kee at TheSoniq has a main board for $160, I think he said, and I likely will get it and fix the MR. If not I'll post here and let you guys know.


I got the MR76, a VFX and and EPS 16+ rack for cheap from a guy I know. The EPS is one owner and mint and works fine. The VFX is mint but it looks like it had a problem, calibration maybe?, and the owner hit the display area with his fist and broke the VFD. Those VFDs are hard to find and I doubt I'll fix it. I thought about temporarily removing the VFD from my TS12 and using it in the VFX to test it but that's just too much trouble. I'll just do the solder trick to the keyboard section and sell it as is and part out the rest. I bought this stuff mainly for the MR76. I may sell the EPS later on since I have an ASR X Pro also. I have a TS12 but I want something to leave at a practice site and not lug the TS around. Main reason I bought the lot of Ensoniq gear. I have an MR Rack too. Ensoniq made some great gear. Too bad Creative/Emu ditched them.


Thanks to everybody for the replies and help. My wife found this site while I was working on the MR. I'll go over it and see if I can help others since I'm a tech. Can't beat the net for sharing information! :)



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I have a TS-12 as well. I'll likely sell it in the next year.


Built to today's specs the TS-12 would be USB 3.0, read blu-ray disks, and ship with 4GB expandable to 16GB of sample memory. Transwaves would create 15-second or longer evolving and morphing soundscapes assignable to 8 zones and the ROM block would be better suited for electronic music and percussive attack than long unlooped acoustic samples.

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