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Updating from Yamaha MSR400 to QSC K10


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I want to update from a pair of Yamaha MSR400 to a pair of QSC K10.

Do you think it is a good idea?

Actually the main thing I don't like about the Yamahas is the weight. The pros to get the QSC K10 are:

-less weight


-more powerful

-improved sound quality.


My main concern is:

Will I loss many bass frequencies?


I use it in duo, solo playinging the piano jazz and classical (I think the K10s are perfect for this).

BUT I also play in an electronic group with drums, electric bass and me playing keyboards/synths and an Octatrack with loops. The K10s will have to output the keyboard/synths and the loops. We play in small bars/clubs without PA, 50-80 persons max. 100m2.

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I use 1 K10 and have no problem with it handling small rooms without going into the PA. Plenty of low end, and if you need more, there is the low boost switch on the back. It's a nice sounding speaker and I bet it will compare well to your Yamahas.

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