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Vocal harmoniser box (live use)


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Currently using an old Korg iH




I only do backing vocals through it - harmonies and oohs/aahs. I have a midi feed going to it from a battery powered home keyboard that doesn't go through the PA. I use it in "vocoder" mode - not a vocodor at all - it adds the midi notes you're playing rather than using a chord and adding above/below.


I switch it to "detune" to when I just want my vocal.


I've noiced on some of the Youtube clips for the Helicon and Digitech units that they can be footswitched on/off.


Anyone using one and like it?


One of the function bands I depped with a few years back had a Voicelive - think it was the four. They had the main vocal running through it and asked me to provide a midi feed. It was fine as long as I played the root and made sure the chord was clearly "spelt" - but the part you need to play ain't always like that.




I'm the piano player "off of" Borrowed Books.
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I'm using the TC Helicon Harmony M, love it. Pretty intelligent MIDI detection, only 2 harmonies, though; works for most pop stuff, but if you're doing more complex tunes, you'd probably want to go for the VoiceLive 2 or similar.


+1 on the TC. I only use the harmonizer on a few tunes, but the humanize & tone buttons really help my otherwise blandish voice.

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TC and digitech long time user here. Presently using a TC Helicon voice Live 1 for BU male and chick singer fx.

IMHO, the TC has a better algorithm than digi although I haven't tried the latest digitech stuff.

I used the rack mounted quintet, which didn't make gender selection easy, the voice works till a glitch stopped it from live use then the voice live 1. I also have a voice live touch, BUT its pitch correction is nowhere near the live 1 capability. you have to be spot on pitch with the touch, i can be off with the live and it autocorrects.


NOW I am using midi to control the key and I have the dry lead vocals mutes, I am only singing harmonies.


I had the box Sven had and sent it back, not enough capabilities.


SO if you have the money and need freeze harmonies, more than 2 parts, tpain and weird fx, and have the money and want footswitch features but the voice live 2 .

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I have the Harmony M too. It's a lot of fun. The harmonies can sound very Nashville-ized... you can be a one-man Eagles. There is a cheese factor with any vocal harmony box, in my opinion. You have to use it in moderation for best results for a typical gig.


But you can get way out there if you don't care about typical. It has a Manual mode where the pitch is determined by your keyboard playing (up to 4 notes). This is really fun -- you can be the ultimate bass singer, or do faux-talkbox, or make sounds like Imogen Heap or robot voices. I even run my violin through it to simulate a Western swing fiddle trio.



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Thanks for the replies. Been online reading the info/manuals for the stuff mentioned.


Looking at the Harmony M for me but the Voice Live suggestion led me to a new version of the VoiceLive 2:




Goin to recommend it to a colleague and see if she'll go for it and let me try it out.


I'll post back if I purchase either. Thanks again for the suggestions.

I'm the piano player "off of" Borrowed Books.
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