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Pint-size Hammond player

Brad Kaenel

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If it's true that nobody in show business ever wants to follow an animal- or a kid-act, then you most definitely don't want to end up on the playbill underneath this 8-year-old (I'm guessing, anyway) on the XK3.


He probably ain't B3-er's "#2" on the Janiva M. tour, but for shear entertainment value and "cute" quotient, he's taking no prisoners. (If the other soloists in the middle of the clip get a little tedious, don't bail out -- hang in 'til the cadenza at the very end and watch the kid work the drawbars. I think he's even kickin' bass thru the whole tune, for cryin' out loud...)




Way to go, kid. :thu:



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Excellent. What I really enjoyed was that the kid has "the groove," at that age. You often see excellent, very young players looking kind of stiff on stage due to them naturally concentrating very hard on what they're playing.


This kid is in the pocket, is aware of the other band members and what they're doing, and just goes with it. Not to mention his chops which are excellent given his age-natural experience.


Thanks for posting this this. It always brightens my day when I see kids like this following all of us into music.





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