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So I think I'm done...


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Love the Bongo! For some reason, I keep finding myself wanting a 6-string version in orange. It just seems to make perfect sense. Now if they only had a fretless version - I keep telling myself that the only "other" bass I "need" is a (more than) decent fretless, and for some reason a 6-string (while I'm at it).


Still, I have a 5-string fretless Palmer (cheapo), a 5-string Ibanez BTB QM405, a MIA Fender Jazz Marcus Miller V Signature, and a 4-string Squier Classic Vibe '50s Precision bass. Oh, and a WAV 4 EUB. Summing it up, that is actually half-way decent, come to think of it!!

"I'm a work in progress." Micky Barnes


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The Ric is beautiful. I'll step out on a limb, once again, and assume the Bongo to be your favorite (because its in the middle). I've never held a Bongo, but own a SR5. I just can't get past the non-traditional look of the Bongo to take it seriously. I played a Steinberger once and just didn't get it. Apparently a whole lot of other players didn't either. The Bongo reminds me of that, but a whole lot of players like it. On paper it seems a great bass. In person? BTW, that Ric is absolutely beautiful! Too bad you cut the peghead out of that picture.
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I ordered the midnight blue one as it was on sale a few weeks back and received it in not so stellar condition, so I sent it back. They had no replacements for it (after I was told there was), so after a little back and forth, I was told I can have any other color, and opted for the mapleglo above.


Here is the Midnight blue model I had for a couple of days, really a brilliant color.



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