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Open letter to Bass Player Magazine.


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Dear Sir/Madam

I have been purchasing your magazine since it was first published and have found it a great source of information and inspiration! As a result I now have several shelves full of BPM.

While I enjoy picking out random copies and re-reading them, when I want to find articles/transcriptions, etc. on a particular bassist or style of music it means spending half a day wading through the indexes of each magazine.

Surely it wouldn't be too hard for you to cross reference such things on your site ... and before you suggest using your Search option, I suggest you try it!

Then see how long you put up with the spurious results before you revert to Google.

C'mon chaps! Its the best bass mag out there, help us out!


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Yes: to translate an italian expression, editors have to sing while carrying the cross, while editing on the web in the free time. It is a long known issue and it is the same on the other part of the ocean: publishers want a web presence, but fail to realize that they would need more editors, while journalists fail to see the reason why they should double their output other than keeping the gates open and still they have not much time left to play in the web band.
-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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