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It's two....two....two key tars in one!

Phil Aiken

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The comparison pictures are hysterical. I guarantee you, the player in the bottom picture isn't getting within 50 yards of the player in the top.

Maybe this is the best place for a shameless plug! Our now not-so-new new video at https://youtu.be/3ZRC3b4p4EI is a 40 minute adaptation of T. S. Eliot's "Prufrock" - check it out! And hopefully I'll have something new here this year. ;-)

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I would love to hire the AX player for my band...I don't mind if she's doing nothing with her left hand (guess all my bandmates will suggest a lot of things she can do with her left hand while playing with the right one...mmm...that would be playing with both hands...does that make any sense in english??) :facepalm:


Uff, I'm (almost) ashamed of suggesting those things!,forget about it! :facepalm:

The evil small guy over my shoulder seems to be taken control :)

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