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Back in the saddle...

Ed Friedland

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Hey folks, just popping in to let you know that I'm back writing for Bass Player after a 6 year absence. Many of you may remember that I was actually the original moderator of this forum, and that I wrote for BP from 1992-2005. Initially I left to be Senior Editor for Guitar World's Bass Guitar which was being headed up by Elton Bradman. He lured me there with promises of fast cars, loose women, big bucks... you know, all the standard accoutrements of bass journalism. But after 2 years, the bean counters at Future Network shut us down without notice (as is so often the case in this business we call "show"). But GW kept me on to review bass gear and four years later.... Elton is back at BP, and has once again lured me in with the very same promises. This time, for sure! So, just saying hi, I know the mag has seen a lot of changes since I left, but I'm excited to be back writing for bass players again. Don't get me wrong, the folks at GW were great, no problems... but the readership is not really MY crowd know what I mean? Sure you do, you guys are my crowd. Bass players, not 14-year old death metal guitarists that worship Danish dudes with names you can't pronounce, or 45-year old shredders that still salivate at the idea of Yngwie on the cover.


Okay, enough of that. My first piece - a Tech Bench story will be in the 10/11 issue, then I have two articles in the 11/11 issue. For the 12/11 issue, I'll be starting up a new column on blues bass, as well as another Tech Bench. I'm also putting together the New Gear section so if there's anything cool and new out there, hip me to it. I'm always looking for new items that haven't been covered in that section.


I'll TRY to poke in here - I'm pretty stretched in terms of my online commitments, but I'll be back.

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Ha! Welcome home.


Me? I'd dig an article on DIY parts bass. That's never been done in B.P. Like, put together the Carvin kit, one from Warmoth, or a pick-a-part bass off of eBay. That'd be cool.


Boy, if you could get Rick Turner to come back also, it'd be like old times....

Things are just the way they are, and they're only going to get worse.

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Welcome back. I've been enjoying your YouTube vids, the DVD reviews in GW, and your Facebook posts. Glad to see you'll be in BP.


Imagine, Ed, Tony, and Jeremy all together, a harmonic convergence.

"Call me what instrument you will, though you can fret me, yet you cannot play upon me.'-Hamlet


Guitar solos last 30 seconds, the bass line lasts for the whole song.



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Ed, the first bass magazine I ever subscribed to was GW's Bass Guitar. I loved it, but was stunned the day I got a copy of Guitar World in the mail with a note that said GW's Bass Guitar was dead but they were sure I'd enjoy reading Guitar World with it's two pages devoted to bass each issue. Um, no.


Anyway, that lead me to Bass Player, and it's all good. Glad you'll be back in BP's pages.

"Everyone wants to change the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves." Leo Tolstoy
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To be fair, I noticed a while ago that you were still quoted as a moderator, bass whisperer.

Ed, you are very most welcome back. We will be thankful if you actually can pop in the forum once in a while. Regarding your online presence, I have always been a fan of your video bass reviews. I hope it will go on. Editors have tried for long to add content to the BP site with mixed results, while your monthly column is a keeper.

-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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I think you missed the last month of forum dues when you left. You can send that $2.95 to me to square your account. :mad:

You can stop now -jeremyc

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lug, you should add that statement to you signature.-Tenstrum

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Great news!


Will BP be supporting your Bass Whisperer youtube channel?

Like others, I've enjoyed your reviews. They are well done, complete, and (gasp) include sound samples !!


Best of luck in this renewed venture!



Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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Thanks Tom, glad to see so many of you guys are still here!


As far as the BW channel on YT, I'm not sure what will happen with that. I am the sole "owner" of that channel, and although it is loaded mainly with content created for GW, they don't have any control over the channel itself. If they wanted to be sticklers... they could have me take down the content, but it would be a disservice to their advertisers, and themselves. Let's face it, GW is not exactly a bass magnet, so my cultivation of 11,000+ subscribers helped them out considerably. Leaving it alone would be the wisest choice.


As far as BP goes, not sure how much video I'll be doing for them. My wages are directed at written content, and I'm certainly doing that! After all those 400 word puff pieces, I'm glad to be writing something a little more substantial. My YT channel will still host privately contracted videos for manufacturers that hire me. The video work, especially the way I did it, takes many hours to finish. The pre-pro, the shooting, the uploading, downloading, editing, etc... I was working way cheap! And frankly, I'm a little burnt out on it. So, for now there are no direct plans for me to do video for BP as the budget may not allow. If I can work out a way to do video without all the hassle, and still retain a level of quality, I might do some "down and dirty" clips without all the big production. I'm going to save that for the real money. But anything I do shoot for BP would be both on the BP site and my channel.


Anyway, thanks everyone for the welcome. It's nice to be back.

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I always find it difficult to play bass whilst sitting on a horse, particularly the upright bass. Although a saddle does simplify things somewhat. Bareback bass playing is darn near impossible.


- ken "I just read the titles" fxj

Push the button Frank.
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