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anybody has Arturia Analog Experience?


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but wonder how is the keyboard feel comparable to other midi controllers.


Better than anything M-Audio makes; similar to the Novation Nocturn, but with tighter springs... a pretty good, fast action, not weighted.


thanks, that makes novation nocturn promising because it's cheaper like 100 bucks and also lighter.

Having hard time deciding on 49 pianoteq controller...

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I believe it's a CME keybed?


FYI, I have the software-only Factory version, and with 3500 presets, you are bound to find something good. The tweaks are limited to envelope, chorus + delay mix, 4 "useful" parameters, lfo rate + amount (applied to whatever param they deemed significant), and filter cutoff + reso. It's enough to get some meaningful sound variants (which you can store as snapshots or new patches).


I can't speak to how well they emulate the originals, but the Minimoog and CS80 stuff sounds great to me.




I make software noises.
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I also have the Analog Factory software-only and I like it for the strings and brasses. I like the look of the Laboratory Experience keyboard, and I bought the Factory software on sale to see if it gave me what I wanted sound-wise before I went for the controller. I'm glad to hear good reports on the action. This also looks like it has the perfect controller layout for M-Tron Pro, which is one of my go-to VSTs.
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