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Keyboard rig camouflage


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Does anybody know (or remember) a guy who was making drapes/sheets/scenery that you draped across your keyboards and stands to make them look like a faux piano? I found this guy on craigslist a while back, but I cant seem to find him anymore.
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I asked the same question months ago because I saw one of those on Austin City Limits, I thought someone posted a link to the product. If I remember , it looked like the back of an upright piano. Is that the one your thinking of?

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There's a guy here in Indy who built a shell that looks like a piano, but it's on wheels with rack rails in it so he can have all his rack gear permanently installed in there, same with his keyboard, so he just rolls his whole rig in, all the wiring goes to a wiring plate on the side of the shell, much like you'd see in the wall of a studio. Wish I could find a pic of it (saw it the other day) but I don't know the dude's name.
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