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Sweet no-brainer deal at audiomidi.com

Phil Aiken

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Just a heads up, I am not affiliated with either the retailer or the software company. The Rob Papen delay plugin is on sale at audiomidi.com for $10. I bought it, and it is a particularly deep and cool delay plug. Worth WAY more than that. If that kind of thing floats your boat, go grab it!!!!!


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Wow, I love effects plugi-ns with synth-like architecture. This looks like it could rival CamelSpace for certain uses. I bought it. Anxioulsy awaiting serial #, which could take a while, based on past experiences, as fulfillment seems to be left up to the developer.
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I bit last night, serial # email was waiting for me this morning. Had a chance to play with it on a mix I was working on today, and I think this is a winner! It seems like you have a lot of control over the character of the delay, seems like a pretty deep plug-in. I can see using this a lot.

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It's a keeper

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