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Pressure wound strings for 6 string bass?


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I recently watched a video demonstrating GHS Pressure Wound Strings and liked what I saw (heard).

I play a 6-string and thought these would be ideal for my style; I like the clarity of roundwounds but would prefer something a little mellower (more fundemental and without the overtones).

Unfortunately, GHS don't make a set for 6-string can anyone suggest an alternative?

Thanks folk!

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Try GHS Brite Flats. C string is available in an .027




Or D'Addario half wounds in a .030 C string:



Buy a four or five string set, then add the odd-man-out string.



Paul K

Things are just the way they are, and they're only going to get worse.

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Well, having contacted several Uk suppliers I gave up on Half-rounds, Pressure Wounds, ALL GHS strings (the Uk distributer had never heard of Brite Flats!) I settled on TI Jazz Flat Wounds.

I had to get the needle files out to open up the nut and bridge saddle to accommodate the HUGE B string but the sound is perfect for my style! I'm a happy chap!

Thanks for your advice folks.

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