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Nord drawbars (that seem like real drawbars)


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The Ocean Beach drawbars, which seemed like a pretty nice product to me, repelled some players around here as they did not resemble drawbars closely enough. For those who followed that discussion, I thought I'd share this vid that I just stumbled across. A seemingly italian guy who made a similar solution, only they're actually drawn - and it comes with either one or two sets of drawbars. He suggests attaching it to the top of the keyboard (magnets) or the bottom (velcro). Only obvious downside seems the need for power supply and the fact that your knees might get in the way.


I don't pretend to know anything about drawbars, but I thought those who do might be interested.




Not much happening in this vid except displaying the solution of attaching the device under the keyboard:




Niels :wave:

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Not bad. My thoughts are


1. It's a little big. OB is more compact, though I realize the pros/cons of "real" drawbars.


2. Having to use a power supply. OBDave did a lot of work to not need it, even with the newer 3.3V Nords.


3. The idea of mounting them under the keyboard is bizarre. Also, that won't work for me because I use a table-style stand.


4. I don't like his choice of switch for Upper/Lower. It seems like it would take too much focus to change positions on the fly.


5. The label for the switch should say Upper & Lower Manual, not keyboard, right?


All-in-all, an interesting option.

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The thing the stands out to me is how the tonebars are sticking out in freeair where they could get hit from above or below and/or get caught on stuff when people move by, stand up or sitdown etc.


Probably no big deal but I can see my jacket sleeves getting caught on these.

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The open air drawbars make sense to me. It gives people more mounting options.


The Hammond XM1/2 could be replicated by adding a piece of velcro to the bottom and cutting a nice piece of (name your favorite Home Depot Tile, Vinyl, Linoleum, Wood, Platic, etc) as the base.


All they did on the XM-1 is screw on a piece of plastic that runs the full length plus 3-4 inches.


That means it wasn't misdesigned--it's a feature!



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