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Thinking of selling my PC3X....


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I love my PC3X but I keep looking over the fence at the K8. The backwards compatibility, USB memory stick, Flash Memory, and the other stuff that set it apart are enticing me. Plus the black and wood case is slick. Do you think it's worth the upgrade? Or should I wait til the next big thing? If I did sell it how much should I charge? It's never been taken out of my home and is in mint condition.
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Next big thing.


You aren't gaining THAT much with the PC3K unless you are trying to add in (small) sample libraries or your own samples. (i.e. you aren't going to get a brand new acoustic piano sound in there).Otherwise, you're basically getting the same board.


For me it would be an _very_ incremental improvement not worth the hassle of the sale.


Kurzweil has _something_ brewing--something potentially very exciting if Dave Weiser's recent FB posts mean anything.


I'm finding new things to do with the PC3 every day.


Of course, free country... you can do whatever you want :) but to avoid unnecessary GAS, step back and consider your current musical goals and see how the feature list stacks up.


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+1 to Johnchop's post.


I also considered doing the upgrade. I even considered just getting a PC3K8 as my new main board and keeping the PC3x as my backup.


In the end, I realized I'd be spending a lot of money for something I already have. I don't need backwards compatibility for this is my first Kurz board. Sampling could be useful but 128MB really isn't much, even if it is flash memory.


The new look is killer and I hope the use a similar approach or style for the next big thing.


The next big thing btw, if rumors are true could be a game-changer. I've heard a little inside info on it and it really could be groundbreaking.


That's of course, if they're able to get it out before the end of the decade! I'm still waiting for the ROM expansion they promised last year!!!!



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