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Cakewalk Virtual Instruments


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Is anybody using these? I was wondering in particular about Dimension Pro, Rapture, Pentagon and Studio Instruments. There's not much audio/video material out there and what I found is not enough to get a good idea of what they are.


I suspect that DimensionPro is something of a repackaged Roland HyperCanvas and StudioInstruments looks like HyperQuartet, but I want to make sure.


If anybody knows of good audio/video demos, please link.


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Pentagon and Z3ta+ were purchased by Cakewalk along with the services of the developer Rene of RGC:Audio. Rene developed Dimension Pro for Cakewalk using a sample format he also used within RGC:Audio. Dimension Pro is one of my favorite VSTi's. It is much like a Roland ROMpler, 4 layers with independent programming for those layers. But, samples can be much larger than any hardware ROMpler. Rapture is a relative of Dimension Pro with a bit different synth engine a "modern" sound. I really appreciate that the instruments can be installed on PC and MAC. Copy protection is SN based and I have had no trouble with multiple installs.


You might want to poke around KVRaudio.com and look through the RGCAudio subforum there. Rene is a much liked developer that supports his products on a personnel level and has been around a long time.

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Or go straight to the Cakewalk forums , HERE is the instrument sub forum

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Is anybody using these?

Yep. Dimension Pro is definitely worth having. In particular it has some very usable strings. They don't have slow attacks like others. I use them with E/W Orch and blend the two. There are quite a few ethnic instruments that sound pretty good, and some interesting percussion. It also comes with Garritan Pocket Orchestra, which is sort of a "greatest hits" of GPO. There are two strings sets to use, Garritan and Dimension (I prefer Dimension). It's not going to be an all-purpose Rompler as the keyboards aren't very good, but there are plenty of pads and the stuff I mentioned that are worth it.


Rapture has some nice patches. I'm far more of a Rompler guy than a synthy guy, but Dimension and Rapture have extensive tweaking abilities.


Studio Instruments is Rompler fare. They sound pretty good but wouldn't be that useful to anyone with reasonably good hardware Romplers.

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