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Hey all,


I'm considering getting an ipad2, primarily for email (work) but want to ensure I get what is needed for music related fun. I wouldn't use garageband on it, as I have a mac for that, but can see using this for all kinds of other things including vsts, w/ midi controllers, fake books, lyrics etc.


Do any of you with an ipad already have any suggestions on what requirements to buy ipad wise in order to maximize usage from a keyboardist's perspective? I gather the Yamaha line can be directly connected by usb. I don't have Yamaha gear, but have a few other lines incl kurzweil, nord, etc. Suggestions appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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The "iPad Camera Connection Kit" from Apple gives you a USB connector and should work with any keyboard that's class-compliant over USB, such as recent Casios (it works great with my PX-3).


Beyond that, you'd have to decide the best way to get the audio out of it. You'd be plugging in the mini stereo jack to whatever amplification.


There's a company that makes a mic stand adapter that's pretty handy when you use it for lyrics or fake books.

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