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Best time for the SK1 and SK2 tour drive - Summer NAMM


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In August, I might be loaning my xk3c to Akiko Tsuruga when she comes to San Francisco to play with Akira Tana (I've played in his group - what a drummer!).


I then listened to Pete Fallico's Podcasts of her (it looks like it's not on the list anymore) and she was talking about how Dr. Lonnie Smith and her went over to Japan to work on the SK1 and SK2. She seemed to allude it was all very *hush hush*. She mentioned that she was one of the pioneers of using a sustain pedal as a pedal thumper. Very cool!


I then checked her website today and on July 22nd and 23rd, she'll be at summer namm : HAMMOND SUZUKI SK-2 PROMOTION WITH DR. LONNIE SMITH & LARRY GOLDINGS!! Very cool!





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