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I played a sweet B3 today...

Dave E

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I went to pick my daughter up from a friend's house today. The friend's dad invites me in....


There in the dining room is a beautiful B3 sitting between a 122 and a PR40. I sat down a played it for maybe 20 minutes. Turns out that's the most it's been played in the 2 years he's owned it. He loves organ but doesn't play - he's hoping one of his kids might someday be interested. What a surprise.

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When I was in the US, I remember going to someone's house and I had to take a deep breath and count to ten... they really don't know that they had a B3 and a Leslie under a pile of old books, newspapers and lots of dust. That happened twice (two different families). One in San Diego, and the other was in Kansas City.

The KC was also a B3. That one I recovered... ;)

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