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Oberheim Virtual Instrument?


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It's likely because (anyone with more current info correct me if I'm wrong) Gibson still owns the Oberheim brand and would issue a cease-and-desist to anyone who tries.


Tom Oberheim, of course, is now able to make new analog synth modules under his own name, and he has wisely insisted that I include the "Tom" in any references to his new products.


As to a virtual instrument, someone IS doing it, and again, notice the careful omission of any reference to the original:




I've tried this synth and while it's not perfect, it comes pretty darned close.

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Another happy OP-X user here..! It's indeed a very analog sounding VA. Live, I'm perfectly happy with the oberheimy character of the sound, and I own both an Xpander and an OB-X.


+10 for OPX-Pro II !


I own a Oberheim Xpander XP-1 and Matrix-1000 in addition,- and a customized Oberheim XK which can control all three w/ the original keys, levers and OB-8 style arpeggiator.



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Some manufacturers (e.g., whatsisname who now owns Rhodes) take trademark rights farther than the law actually allows.


You can use a trademarked name, as long as you make it clear that it's not your trademark, and aren't likely to cause confusion in the minds of the consumers. Legally, it's not necessary to "carefully omit all references" to the original. For example, go to any chain drugstore and check their store-brand generics of over-the-counter drugs: they'll often say "Compare to XXX".


The problem is that even though it's totally legal, the trademark holders can cause you legal trouble and you have to defend yourselves. This is using the legal system for bullying and should be cause for shame. (I see that FenderRhodes.com supersite got it's original name back, so either the guy who owns the Rhodes tm decided to be cool about, or he admitted defeat to a legal argument. Probably the former, since I doubt anyone wanted to pay legal fees for that free site.)



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Yeah, it's too bad OP-X PRO is Win-only. I have the non-pro Reaktor version, which is already delicious even without the improvements. I'm in a "once bitten twice shy" mood when it comes to trying yet another workaround for VST on the Mac, and am way too overscheduled to attempt anything like that anytime soon.


There are indeed copyright issues with the name, and this is why S.O.B. was never released (G-Force showed it briefly at NAMM a few years back and it became viral on the net for awhile). They did what they could to integrate most of the concepts into impOSCar II though, which I plan to buy once I've had time to go over my finances for the month (I am having fun with the demo version now).

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