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Nord C1 - QSC K10 issues


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While I've used this combo at home for practicing and liked it okay, I used it on a gig last night and hated it. I could not eq it to my liking, either using the Nord eq or the switches on the K10.


Perhaps it's the internal sim? Or that and the horrible room I was in?


Is someone about to tell me to get a ventilator?


Lucky I had my Pro 145 in the car, which I grabbed in the first break.


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I've used that set up many times with no issues. Did you use a mixer?
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I demoed the QSC K12's with a Numa and did not like the combination.


The percussion did not sound accurate, nor did the leslie sim or overdrive.


There seemed to be too much high frequency emphasis and no real way to balance it. I use an older pair of EV s12-2's and I get great results with the Numa.


The Numa at least does not seem to like "flat" frequency response. I would bet a leslie isn't flat . I would think that the Nord organ might be similar.

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I don't see how adding a Ventilator is going to change anything if you think organ doesn't really sound good through the speaker to begin with.


You might need to change speakers or add some sort of EQ inbetween the organ and the speaker. Back when I had the Roland VK7, I used to use an ART Tube parametric EQ unit to tame some of the harshness.



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