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from the building a doubleneck dept, part 2


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finish is done. this puppy (for the most part) is so smooth it may be illegal in the bible belt states.


when all was said and done, a natural finish with 5 coats of formby's tung oil wiping varnish. i used the first two coats as a sanding sealer, applied it and rubbed it in, especially on thirsty edges. then i rough sanded it with 220 grit paper, and tack clothed it .

then cut the varnish by about 1/4 with mineral spirits, and applied another coat. let dry, contemplated sanding, took a different tack after reading crap about finishing guitars on the internet.

SLATHERED on two more coats, thick, cut again with mineral spirits to about 1/2 and 1/2, using one of them terrycloth covered sponges. made especially sure to really work it into the edges. a couple hours later, was dry enough to hit it again, same thing...SLATHERED that stuff on. made sure it was even, no big drips or anything, and no tasty bugs (in case sas is reading) were attached, tho that may have looked kinda cool..

let it hang and dry til last nite.

did the preliminary scuffing with 0000 grade steel wool on the body. put off the rest so i could go jam with my bud ray poulin, played some tasty guitars including the nicest kay hollowbody i ever played, and a curious 6 string lap steel of ancient but unknown origin thru stereo jcm2000's...nice! drank copious beers and had a couple hits of smoke, and went home.

today, i spent about 4 hours or so rubbing out the body, and then the necks to a nice smooth satiny finish. made sure i paid attention to the fingerboard edges, so they roll nice like a well played-in guitar.

brought it inside, and hit it with a soft brush on my shopvac, got all the steel wool dust out of the holes and off of it.

wiped it down real good with a fresh clean chunk of linen, and then hit everything with some minwax paste wax. applied, buffed it in by hand, and then immediately buffed the living snots out of it with more fresh cotton rags. made sure i paid extra attention to the edges and bevels. buffed across the grain, along the grain, then in circles until it was smooth and glossy with a really nice matte finish. it looks and feels kinda like the old gibson L6s, if any of you remember them and the finish they had. it's good, guys. pics aren't gonna do it justice, but screw it, here's 4. the necks aren't attached yet, i just stuck 'em on for the sake of the pics.

here ya go:










so, there ya have it...my hands and arms are freakin' killin me, i can barely type...arthritis is pissed at me, but it's all good...lol.


more soon....stay tuned... :thu:


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hi guys,

the body is basswood, the necks are maple. the weight so far isn't really too bad, believe it or not! about the same as my les paul.

once all the hardware is on, she'll probably weigh a half a metric ton, tho.


no, not neck thru...bolt on...i kinda like that aspect, gives more options for getting the action just right.


but she's coming along, slowly!! :thu:

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me too...it's a lot of fun, i'm learning a lot, and it's alot easier than i thought...except the finishing part, which is kickin' my ass...lol.


tomorrow i'll drill the pilot holes for the necks, and get them mounted.


then it's installing hardware time, and wiring!!


gonna shield the control and pickup cavitys, and all 4 pickups too to make it as quiet as possible.


toying with the idea of adding a graphtec style bridge down the road to the 12 string side, and adding a small buffer amp and an extra (or maybe a stacked) volume pot to control the piezo.


i found a schaller-style bridge with piezos embedded on a british guitar website, gonna probably go with that cuz it's about 1/2 the price of the stuff here in the states...even after shipping!!




but first, gotta get some more bread together...broke at the moment as usual!! ;)


anyways..stay tuned! peace!

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Very cool, brother! I have to ask, isn't it neck-heavy, or does the body balance out the maple necks?


The Schaller bridge does look very cool. My standard retro-fit for all my Gibsons was a Schaller roller bridge, Schaller fine-tune tailpiece, Grover tuners & Dunlop straplocks - overall, it added some mass, and I loved the roller bridge because the strings never get pinched in the groove.

"Monsters are real, and Ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win." Stephen King





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i'm a big fan of schaller stuff...always used their pickups, hardware back in the day. their golden 50 is one of the sweetest pickups on the planet.


hard to tell if it's gonna be neck heavy yet, there's about 20 lbs of hardware that still have to go on!! ;)

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