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Democratic apples


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And yes I already know there's plenty of free VSTs available for Windows you Bill Gates asslickers.




Why do you accuse people of licking Bill Gates' ass? And what about Cheerios? They're good for you? Part of a complete breakfast?

Stuff and things.
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How did you know I was playing with my MSDN subscription this afternoon thinking how lucky I'd be to renew my subscription :)


I hear they are replacing Ben Franklin with Steve Ballmer on the new $100 bill.


The 2009 Ballmers were printed and then recalled before public release in 2010 for an SP release. SP1 has not yet been released.


>> The $100 bill redesign was was to be issued to the public in February 11, 2011, but production was shut down in December 2010 because as many as 45% were unusable due to a manufacturing flaw. A vertical crease in the paper reveals a blank space on the bill. As of June 29, 2011 no release date has been set for the new $100 bill.<<

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BTW the two synths you mentioned are no joke, I've just tried both. The FabFilter is an excellent VA synth and it also has a bigger brother on MAS with a great user interface; the Vogue comes with a huge library of tuning files and free patches on the website (some nice usable combo organs there).
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