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Best altered tuning strings


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Depends on the tuning. I may or may not change individual string gauges based on the tuning I want to use.

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I'd use the strings that are already on the guitar.


I might change strings if the tuning had strings that are way lower and/or higher than usual (by 4 or more semitones). For example, Keola Beamer's C Wahini, where the E string is tuned down to a C, it would be nice to have a bigger string for that (and the A which also goes down but not quite so much).


I don't, though, since I only play one song in that tuning. With medium light strings it's not too bad, and works better on mediums.

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Let's say you have a song that you're gonna play and it's in an altered tuning. You're acoustic is in in standard tuning. What kind of strings you would use trusting that they won't break when you change their tension?


Yeah, as CEB says above, it would depend on the Alternate-Tuning you are going to be using, and also what string-gauges you usually use for Standard-Tuning. What tuning are you using


For live performance, if you can get your hands on a second acoustic guitar to have on hand, already strung and tuned for the Alternate-Tuning; that way you'll have much less worry about breaking strings and taking time to re-tune.

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I used to play a tune where I raised the D a whole note, on acoustic. It broke a few times at gigs, which would always be the end of the "acoustic segment". I reworked the song in a different tuning.


In any case it's better to have a 2nd guitar. Tuning down to open E, for example, relaxes the neck raising the pitch, so I have to retuen every string, not just 4 of them. It's better to have a 2nd guitar for open E and DADGAD, and use the standard tuning one for say dropped D.

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