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The Hendrix experiance museum in seattle


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I went there in august 2010, and had great time, has anyone else been there? I was totally impressed, could not have been better. Kids section with tones of instruments for people to try out, I kept my playing to a minimum(the instruments were set decent and the lessons were short and informative for the beginner) as there were tons of kids lining up to try stuff. The more museum stuff was great guitars from Hendrix and loads of other players on display, out fits, amps, drums, and other great stuff. I was lucky to be in town when the SAM(Seattle art museum) had a Kurt Cobain exhibit as well, which also had loads of other musical art up as well. I also stopped at Emerald city guitars, they have a great high end high priced vintage instruments(well out of my realistic pricerange) which included 1950s Les Pauls and strats from the 60s as well as other guitars.



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