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Rookie Mistakes

Paul K

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Ladies and Gentlemen


OK, so last night I did the Alt.Rock Original trio gig thing I do, which I play bass on. I use my Yamaha Magicstomp for both my acoustic guitar gigs and bass, but forgot to switch the input level from "High" to "low", which is more appropriate for the hotter output of the bass I was using as compared to the acoustic-electric guitar I used the night before. My tone sounded like ass; distorted and grungy but not in a good way, and I couldn't figure out what to do different till half way through the gig. But of course by then the sound man was on auto-pilot. If I flip the switch in the middle of the set, I sound good but am buried in the mix. If I don't flip the switch, everyone can hear how I sound like ass.


Never gonna do that again. What's your rookie mistakes that you committed after no longer being a rookie?

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It's always the oversight mistakes that are the most annoying -- where you know better but just have a brain lapse and do something really dumb. I've had more than my share, both in playing and in set ups.


I use 2 cabs and have forgotten to plug into one of them and sounded like ass until 3 hours into the gig where I realize what I did. I played a tune where I was giving the trumpet player a dirty look because he kept playing a bad note in the same place -- until I realized my D string was a 1/2 step flat! Unforgivable stupidity.


And as for recording bloopers, don't even get me started.

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Song recorded in one key, learned it that way. Forgot we decided that we would play it in another key. I thought the acoustics in the room were terrible... Turned out no room acoustics can make up for the bass player playing in the wrong key. (Or as I like to think of it, the rest of the band was in the wrong key, since I am the bass player).


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Not insisting on a set list before my first gig as a dep.


On the phone the guy said "You'll be OK, we just play standards."


Luckily they paid me before we started. "Just stick to the basics, nothing flashy", he said handing me a wad of used fivers.


Then followed three hours of playing Root-5th to tunes I'd never heard before, let alone played before.


The audience liked it and the band all shook my hand at the end but I never got called back.

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