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strange issue with sustainpedal, nord stage 2 and mopho?


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I've setup my nord stage 2 to control my mopho and the sustainpedal truns on but not off.


I've tried all kinds of routings.

-the sustain pedal works perfectly controlling my kurz 2600r and motif from the stage 2.

-mopho sustain goes on and doesn't turn off


Controlling the mopho using the motif the sustain on/off works perfectly .


It turns out the stage2 sends controller 64 on 22 /off 85

The motif sends controller 64 on 127/ off 0


any solutions???




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I wonder if this might will be fixed in an upcoming OS release. Seems like Nord have had a similar issue with the Nord Piano - and this was adressed in the latest Piano OS update. From their homepage:


Releasing the sustain pedal now transmits CC64, value 0 over MIDI, for better control over other MIDI units. The update also adresses an issue where improper crossfades from pedal-down to normal samples could produce changes in the perceived sound level.

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Most keyboards send 0 for pedal up. Most synths take any number less than half (63 or 64) as pedal up. (That is, unless they do the variable pedal thing.)


It appears the mopho needs a 0 to recognize pedal up, and the Nord (for goodness knows what reason) doesn't send 0. They say they *will* send 0 in their new release.


Both the Nord and the mopho are doing the less than best thing here, and at equal fault for the incompatibility. Ah well, that's the joy of MIDI.

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Clavia did an amazing job with midi on the nord mod G2 - I don't understand why all their following products have had such crappy midi specs. That's one of the reasons I don't use Clavia products anymore. I love the sound, but I can't take all the midi trouble...
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