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How many Mac users does it take to change a lightbulb?


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Mac users cannot change their light bulbs. They have to bring their lamps back to the store where a new light bulb will be installed for an only slightly exorbitant fee.


...alternatively, you can ship your lamp back to the manufacturer to have the new light bulb installed while you sit in the dark for a week...

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I'm biased as a bona fide PC user, but I think AnotherScott nailed it...


My answer?


One to change the lightbulb, the same one to post it on Facebook, and then five more to congratulate him or her on their wise choice to choose a Mac. :rolleyes:


I'll be a PC guy to the end...





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Mac bulbs don't burn out; they are replaced by bulbs that are marginally brighter and clearer on a fixed schedule that is much faster than the MTBF. :cool:


PC bulbs, on the other hand, flare out in a stunning flash of blue light, usually at the most inopportune times. :evil:



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Mac users don't change lightbulbs. They purchase a license from iTunes and sync their device and Voila! Let there be light!


Mac will be the first computer to require an iTunes account to operate. Chose the features you want, the quality, the license terms in 90-day increments, and sync to iTunes.


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You can't replace the light bulb, but you can by a new lamp with all the features the old one should have had, for less money.



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