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What band are you in and what keyboards are you using?


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Inspired by topics in my other post, I was wondering what type of music the band you're in is playing, and what keyboards you're using in that band.


Me? I can't say yet, as my current music project is only in it's infancy (one practice so far). It may or may not even survive (I hope it does).


So, what's up with you and your band?

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Currently in a blues - rock cover band. We also play some instrumental originals and covers.


I'm currently using a Nord Stage Compact for Rhodes and Wurly, and LHB (using a Rhodes patch). Top board is a Numa Organ. Amplification is a QSC K10 for organ and EP's, and a Mark Bass amp for LHB!!!



Gear: Yamaha MODX8, Mojo 61, NS2 73, C. Bechstein baby grand.

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jazz trio, and 2 rock bands...


mainly use just piano, organ, rhodes, wurly.....


yamaha cp300 and nord electro 2...occasionally use an m-audio usb controller with a motif module....



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I play in 4 bands currently. This photo is of my most ridiculous setup, for my most ridiculous band. The setup:

Minimoog over Axiom 61 Controller (Invisible Stand)

Hammond XK-1 over Kurzweill SP4-7 (Z-stand)

SKB Studio flyer rack with an IBM Thinkpad, M-Audio 410 and Mackie mixer. Monitor is an EV SA360.


This band is called Xenat-Ra, we're a kind of live hip hop/prog rock/avant jazz band. I play LH Bass in this band. Keyboard sounds are mostly the standard, Rhodes/Wurly/B3/Moog/Clav/Mellotron with some extra stuff thrown in.


My next band is called Why Why Zed, it's, as you might guess from the name, a Rush tribute. I mostly play keys, I call myself 1/3 Geddy, our bass player sings lead, he's 2/3 Geddy. For this band I take the Moog, Kurz, Axiom and Laptop rack.


The other bands are a psychedelic latin band, and an Americana/classic rock band. For both of those bands, it's the Kurz and Hammond, and the sounds are mostly Rhodes/Wurly/Clav/Hammond.

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Nice setup. So, the Numa trumps the Nord for organ sounds? Are your amps mic'd, or are they loud enough to fill the house?




The Numa trumps the Nord Stage by a mile. The E3 through the ventilator is a lot closer, but, the Numa (without the Vent) beats it still, IMO. It beats it especially in the higher drawbar registrations, and the top octaves. Generally, the Numa has a much beefier sound than the Nord.


In small rooms I use the K10. It's plenty loud. In medium and large rooms, the K10 goes direct to the FOH. The Mark Bass amp is a Mini Mark, that I usually supplement with a separate cab to fill the room. In large venues, it goes direct into the FOH.



Gear: Yamaha MODX8, Mojo 61, NS2 73, C. Bechstein baby grand.

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I'm in one called The Mercury Seven. It's an atmospheric improvisational thing, and the end result is not unlike Brian Eno or Cluster, I think.


I use a Korg MS-20, Roland MKS-70, and occasionally, a Roland JX3P.


I have a Nord Electro 2, but I rarely use it for this band, but that gets a lot of use in my studio for recording projects.

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My band is pretty obvious.


Alesis fusion for sequences, VA, and samples mostly, and Korg triton pro for most piano, organ, strings, pads, etc.


Hopefully all to be replaced by a Kronos and an ax7



Acoustic/Electric stringed instruments ranging from 4 to 230 strings, hammered, picked, fingered, slapped, and plucked. Analog and Digital Electronic instruments, reeds, and throat/mouth.

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I'm in a jazz/funk band playing original material. It's organ centered and I take a VK-7/KBR-3D all the time. Sometimes I feel like playing piano, then the RD-300sx comes out. Once the Mini is restored it'll come out, too.


Looking hard at the SK1 and a K10.




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In my band -some original instrumentals and covers of old greek songs- i play Nord electro and Nord Lead 2. Mostly organ, rhodes, some clavs and some keys.

I play in a world music ensemble. We travel a lot, so i've got to be economical: my setup is XV2020(+rhodes and piano cards) and my Apple/Logic Mainstage - i have all required sounds/splits/layers there. Up to know i was carrying my Ozone 25 as a second keyboard, but i just bought a Berihnger controller for this purpose and i find it nice despite the shallow keys. In concerts they also bring me a Nord Stage 88 to use as a controller/and sound source, a small mixer, stand, monitors and the rest.


Be grateful for what you've got - a Nord, a laptop and two hands
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I play in an original rock/electronic band. I too use a Nord Electro 3 + NL2x combo for rhodes and synth. I'm not completely satisfied - I'm currently going back and forth between replacing the two boards with a Nord Stage 2 or saving up for a Vintage Vibe piano. It's some darn expensive gear, particularly for what it does, but my experience with Rhodes' trumps digital by miles. Alas - is it worth it? I'm not sure yet.
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50's style blues band:

Nord Electro 3 w Ventilator for piano and organ. I use the Romantic Upright in mono for piano. Will be replaced by Nord Stage 2 sw73 and Ventilator.


70's funk band:

Up til now Electro 3 for piano, clav, rhodes, wurly, organ and occasional samples. Roland XP30 controlling a EHX V256 vocoder and UseAudio Plugiator for MiniMoog leads.

Next gig will be on Nord Stage 2 and V256 only. :)

Too much stuff, too little time, too few gigs, should spend more time practicing...!  🙄

main instruments: Nord Stage 3 compact, Yamaha CP88, Kurzweil PC4, Viscount KeyB Legend Live

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Pub (classic) rock band.




E2 + ventilator. Organ/pianos hardpanned. Have been adding a Kurz module (triggered from the Electro) just for its mono rock piano. The module gets its own channel on my mixer which I mute when not needed (poor man's controller). Sometimes the Kurz responds to drawbar CC from the E2 by detuning or octave transposing and requires a reboot :laugh:

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I play keys and some guitar (about 7 songs) in a 70s/80s rock band. My keyboard rig is a single Fantom G6. Some of the stuff we cover: Journey, Kansas, A-Ha, Yes, Rush, Whitesnake, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, The Police, Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears, Asia, Toto, Night Ranger, Duran Duran, Ozzy Osbourne, GNR, Bryan Adams, Kenny Loggins, The Cars, etc.

Korg Kronos 61 (2); Kurzweil PC4, Roland Fantom-06, Casio PX-350M; 2015 Macbook Pro and 2012 Mac Mini (Logic Pro X and Mainstage), GigPerformer 4.


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I'm in two prog-rock bands, IQ and Sphere3. I'm using a Kurzweil PC3x and PC361 and a Roland D50 in my live rig, and in my rack a Muse Receptor 2+ Pro, Nord G2 Modular Engine, Roland JV1080, Yamaha Motif Rack ES and TG500. Attached picture actually shows my old Triton, which I've recently replaced with the PC361.



Kurzweil PC3x, Muse Receptor 2+ Pro, Nord G2 Modular, Mellotron M400, Nord Electro, Motif Rack ES, D50, JV1080, Triton / Prophecy / MS10, Logan String Synth
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Journey tribute.


I use a Yamaha CP33 as my main piano, and a Korg Triton Extreme. The Cp33 and Triton are midi'd together, and I make vast use of the Korg's combi's and splits.

I also have a new Roland Ax I bring out to certain gigs. Right now just using it's onboard sounds that I've edited with the included software. I run it wireless for stage roaming capability :)










Gig Rig:Depends on the day :thu:






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Wow, it's a really fun to read about everyones projects and rigs.


My set up is pretty simpple. I use a Tyros 2 and two Bose Compacts. Alot of times no mixer. I just run my Tyros into Compacts and my mic directly into the keyboard.


As far as bands go, like many here I do several projects. For some reason "band" doesn't really fit what I do. Anyways I do a Latin dou with my wife- popular salsa,cumbia, merengue, reggaeton, bachata, grupera.... Sometimes we add other instruments and do latin jazz stuff too (standards with latin styles) In fact, I just posted some stuff here on this forum that I did with a trumpet player and sax.


I also play drums with an old school tejano band that also does popular C&W, R&B, rock from the 50-60's.



Lastly I'm working on developing a OMB act, playing/singing popular favoirites from the 30's onward. There's always something to learn!



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I play in an original rock/electronic band. I too use a Nord Electro 3 + NL2x combo for rhodes and synth. I'm not completely satisfied - I'm currently going back and forth between replacing the two boards with a Nord Stage 2 or saving up for a Vintage Vibe piano. It's some darn expensive gear, particularly for what it does, but my experience with Rhodes' trumps digital by miles. Alas - is it worth it? I'm not sure yet.

I've got a Rhodes in my rig, and I'm not sure yet either :D I broke a tine last night on the gig-- I do that way too often.


Last night it was Barika, a Mali-influenced instrumental band. Rhodes Mark 1 with an Electro 3 on top and a side of Microkorg.


I've got two gigs today!

Wontanara is 4 Guineans and 4 Vermonters playing African music. I bring an Electro3 and an X-stand. That's it! No amp, no seat, no mixer, no suitcase full of cables. :)


Second gig tonight is Soul Patrol. Soul covers with a hot singer. Kurzweil PC3x and Electro3.


I have another 2-gig day on Tuesday:

R.G. Band plays mellow mellow mellow stuff. PC3x and Electro.


Afinque is my giant salsa band. Electro's action is great for montunos!


There's a jazz festival happening in my town right now-- I don't always have 2 gigs/day. :)

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Wow! Nice to have you here Spherical. I have the IQ Frequency CD/DVD, and of course, it's fantastic. Thanks for sharing your setup...


Thanks to everyone else for sharing their setups, pics, and band mp3s. Hopefully more members will chime in. It's good to know what the rest of us are doing and how we're doing it. By "doing it", I mean our keyboard setups!

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I'm in a band that does original prog rock as well as covers of prog, classic rock, funk, pop and jazz. We have a new album coming out next month so I've been gearing up to tweak my live setup to accommodate playing the new tunes.


I currently use a Kurzweil SP76, primarily as a contoller for various modules (Kurzweil, Korg) although I use a few of the onboard sounds but with an outboard EQ. Also have my old trusty QS7 and Roland AX-1. Will probably start bringing my old Polysix for upcoming gigs and perhaps my Fantom X7 as well depending on the gig/venue. My boards go into a QSC K10 and also out to the PA.


At some recent gigs I was provided a Baldwin grand piano.




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For my original synth music gigs, I use the Korg M3 and Triton. I've spent a long time creating some great KARMA rhythms and textures with the M3. I may add the Radias to the lineup at an outdoor gig later this summer.


For the band I occasionally gig with, I bring my trusty Triton... although the K2661 might join the line-up as well.

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I'm currently without gigging band, by choice. With my wife's health (she just had her LAST Chemo treatment) I needed to back off. Worked out OK.


Normally I play Classic Rock/Blues/Country. You could call it a cover band, but while we play songs that the people will remember, we do them our way. Lots of musical freedom.


In the mean time, I play in the Sunday Morning praise band in my church, as well as sing in an 8-voice mixed ensemble. For the past several months I've had to double a lot on bass, but with the summer, our bass players are home from college, so I'll get a break.


The church has a Roland Fantom X8 that the keyboardist in the Saturday night band uses exclusively, and I'll use it for bass, and some other things. Then I have my 2. Yamaha MM8 and Hammond XB-2. XB-2 goes through a Motion Sound Pro3-TM. I'll run all 3 boards through my Mackie 1202 VLZ, sending the main out to FOH. I've recently placed my QSC K10 on a stand facing toward me in between the Roland and the Yamaha/Hammond stack. I run out of the Control Room out to it so I have some control of my sound on stage.


I've found that while the Roland has a really good piano sound, it sounds really nasally bright compared to the piano sound in the Yamaha when going through the K10. I normally don't play the piano sounds on Sunday, as the main sound man plays the Weber Baya Grand that's on stage.


The guys running sound at the church are very good, but for some reason the keys volume will not stay put going through the monitor, which is why I brought in the K10.


The guitar player that I've worked with over the past couple years is having surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff, and will be out for then next several months. We'll peobably get something together then. By then My wife should be feeling better than she has in a long time, since she is now officially in the ranks of "Cancer Survivors" (WOO HOO!!!), so I'll be ready to play again.


"In the beginning, Adam had the blues, 'cause he was lonesome.

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Now everybody's got the blues."


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I'm in 2 bands, one is a variety party/dance band and the other is a hippy Grateful Dead jam band.


I use a Yamaha S90ES and a Nord Stage Compact, midi'd together so I can change patches on the Nord from the S90ES and to control some of the sounds from the Yamaha keyboard depending on the patch/song.


I have the Nord set to run the organ to a separate output, which goes to a Ventilator and then a mixer, and the other output and the S90ES go right to the mixer, which then runs into a K10.


I have a small rack that contains a Furman power supply, a 15 band EQ with a built in compressor and notch filters that I run a monitor mix from the PA thru which then goes to the mixer so I can adjust my own vocal/band monitor, a Behringer 16 channel single space line mixer, and another 15 band stereo EQ that I use one side of for tweaking my sound depending on the venue.


It's a pretty compact rig that gives me a lot of flexibility and sounds great to me.


For the hippy band I pretty much use just the Nord Stage, once in a while I'll break out the S90ES if it's a bigger gig, but that band uses mostly the vintage sounds anyway so the Stage covers it well.


I'm going to replace the S90ES at some point (saving up for it now) with either a Kronos 73, or some other weighted 73 note workstation type board that can handle the splits and layers the S90ES can do that I need for the party band.

Live: Korg Kronos 2 88, Nord Electro 5d Nord Lead A1

Toys: Roland FA08, Novation Ultranova, Moog LP, Roland SP-404SX, Roland JX10,Emu MK6



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Zebop! is my Santana Tribute band. The rig:

Kurzweil PC1se on the bottom -- piano, EPs, strings and what-not

Hammond XK-3c on top of that -- organ

DSI Mopho on top of the Hammond -- MIDI'ed from the Kurz for analog goodness

All of the above runs through a Motion-Sound KBR-M


Pearl Alley Band is a rockin' blues band I've just started playing with. Same rig, without the Mopho.


For jams, rehearsal and casual situations I often bring my NE2-61 and the Motion-Sound.




Make my funk the P-funk.

I wants to get funked up.


My Funk/Jam originals project: http://www.thefunkery.com/


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