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Elements is the name of a new band I`m playing in. If you haven`t guessed it`s an "E,W&F" band. Long story short we have started rehersals and I`m shedding tunes like crazy.

We play a 90 min. show w/ about 15+ songs. I already know the more well known stuff like September, Let`s Groove Tonite, The Way of The World.. It`s the other songs that are a real challenge. For instance here`s the Rehersal List for this Sunday:

Mighty Mighty




Yearnin Learnin

I`m probably in the minority but I`ve never even heard these before. It`s challenging stuff. Luckily we have a horn section to cover the horn lines. It`s not that the music is hard it`s more about learning thier approach, Timing, Feel and song structure that`s so diff. For some reason it`s not coming to me as easy as usual. Anyone have any pointers I can use? Thanks in Advance.


Motif ES7

Korg Triton Pro76

Roland Fantom X8

CP -33

Custom B-3 Chop w/ 145 Leslie





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I don't have any pointers, but I wanted to say congrats, sounds like a cool gig. :thu:


Luckily we have a horn section to cover the horn lines.
That's not lucky, that's the way to do it! :D

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Here`s the entire show.



3.Get Away



6.Got To Get You


8.Cant Hide Love

9.Kalimba Story

10.After the Love

11.Sepertine Fire


13.In the Stone

14.Shining Star


16.Sing a Song

17.Boogie Wonderland

18.Lets Groove

19.The Way Of The World

Motif ES7

Korg Triton Pro76

Roland Fantom X8

CP -33

Custom B-3 Chop w/ 145 Leslie





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Great gig ! A lot to learn, but I'd find it a fun process. EWF's songs and arrangements have an irresistible twist creatively; great musical craft, and full of life too.


Glad to read that there's a horn section; covering the keyboard parts alone will keep you plenty busy. From well crafted piano and electric piano parts to soaring synth lines (and plenty of in between goodies), Larry Dunn is a master and then some.


Advice ? Have big ears, especially for how Larry crafted the piano/ep parts. That guy is a master at knowing how to make the part fit; his sense of placement, ebb and flow musically is excellent. For strings, when I played a few EWF tunes on the road in '79-'80, I'd grab an Arp Quartet string ensemble patch with my LH to cover the 'over the top' lines (some in octaves). Leads ? Having a keyboard with knobs/sliders you can grab to tweak MiniMoog style patches on the fly would be helpful; most ROMplers today have at least some control assignability that will do the trick. Larry does a lot of live, mid solo filter tweaking (among other things...). Guy's got a great website: www.larrydunnmusic.com.

While you'll be plenty busy studying the EWF tunes alone, it might be good to give Larry's site a listen. Another good way to get inside his head, musically.


Good luck with the new gig ! Keep us posted...


'Someday, we'll look back on these days and laugh; likely a maniacal laugh from our padded cells, but a laugh nonetheless' - Mr. Boffo.


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