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Tshaka's New DVD

Chad Thorne

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Funkslap Mama, basshappi, and Wally Malone. And they're on their way, if not arrived by now. Last time it took me a while to pull my thumbs out and send everything off so I tried to do better this time.



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I just got the DVD in the mail. I'll be watching it this week. Thanks!

"Call me what instrument you will, though you can fret me, yet you cannot play upon me.'-Hamlet


Guitar solos last 30 seconds, the bass line lasts for the whole song.



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Thanks Chad & Tshaka! I received my copy yesterday and looking forward to watching it on the weekend.

+1. Many thanks to you both!

Queen of the Quarter Note

"Think like a drummer, not like a singer, and play much less." -- Michele C.

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Hi Will...

The DVDs are not for sale....just for promo purposes. I have mailed 5 copies to Jeremy C, he will sort you out I guess :) Let me know if you get one.

Wally, enjoy! :cool:;)


Hopefully he'll send me one if they aren't already spoken for...

Music has no boundaries. It is yours to discover, to enjoy, to draw from and to pass on to others.
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I did get a chance to take a look & listen but it was on my laptop with the laptop speakers. I'm a fan of both Gerald Albright and Jonathan Butler and really enjoyed the DVD and can't wait to watch it on a larger screen and some kicking speakers. On my laptop I can't hear the bass but I'm sure it will be fine on another system.


Thanks again, TShaka & Chad!



I have basses to play, places to be and good music to make!
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