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Letting out the air in a balloon sound.


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Here's an example of a synth solo that sounds like letting the air out of balloon. George Duke is a master of this besides a million other great accomplishments, and inspired me to start this thread. The fun begins at 1:15.



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Yea, that's a great solo and tune. I bought that chart from his site just because I wanted to see what one of his charts would look like and wanted to blow along with it when I first heard it. The chart is perfect btw. Very clear. I should go back and buy a bunch more. Like you say, this is just a small glimpse into the genius of George Duke.


I'll tell you another one to get, if you're a GD fan. Buy that cd he's sellin' off the site of he and Al Jarreau. George is 19 on the date. He sounds good as usual. I've heard tons of recordings of him doing standards at that age, but Al is killin' it. Really nice to hear where they came from.

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