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Babys - Back on my feet again

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I saw how helpful everyone was providing suggestions to someone else to hit the Magic Man sound; and I'm a little embarrassed, but I have never been able to get the right sound for the subject Babys tune.

First, I am interested to hear what you may think or know what was used originally and second, how I might use what I have to hit it?

This is the piano-type, resonant, after-touchy or pressure sensitive part in the verses and during the repeat chorus at the end of the song.

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A bazillion years ago, I played that song & ran the output of my Baldwin Electro Pro Piano into the filter input of my Mutimoog. Sweeping the cutoff while playing the chords got the effect pretty nicely.


Nowadays a piano patch on a ROMpler with a resonant filter, with a controller (mod wheel, fader / pedal / knob / whatever) assigned to control cutoff could get the same effect.

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