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Peavey steps up against Behringer


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Boss USA won big time against Behringer.


I was one of many shocked visitors to Behringer's display at NAMM one year, the year that they duplicated Boss's entire line of effects pedals.


I don't think I've ever seen a piece of gear by Behringer that was not a clone of some other company's design. I'm embarrassed to say that I own two of their small mixers (Mackie clones) which I bought before I realized what was going on.

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Hmm, and I always thought it was a coincidence that Behringer's stuff just happened to look EXACTLY like everyone else's....


ps. Irony = right after I posted the above, a Behringer ad popped up on the right side of the screen. If they want to be taken more seriously, as their print and web ads seem to dictate, they should start thinking creatively for themselves.

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Hmm, I got the amp and cabs before I knew anything about their questionable ethics. Not trying to justify why I own Behringer gear, just stating fact. In fact, I very much like the amp I got. I have played through other, more expensive models with less than stellar results. Guess I should redeem myself by finding out what the original model is, and get one of those :grin:

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Bheringer has two or three "original" products that SOME people like. I'm embarrassed to admit I bought the ADDA8000 a few years back, but its pre-amps were so awful that I sold it a week later. It wasn't until getting the Focusrite OctoPre II a few months ago that I once again had sixteen recording channels available.

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I found a picture of their entire staff at the annual Research and Design division's office party.......




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True Behringer Story-


The BL/Vox of the old jazz band wanted a mixer. She conned me (being the only band member with an actual credit card with an actual credit limit) into purchasing a Euro-something-3000. She and her boyfriend bought some powered mains and some powered monitors.


She did pay me back (all $300).


Six months later, the power supply fried to procted the 40 cent fuse. It was still under warranty and Musician's Fiend sent us a replacement soon enough, but I tried to warn her that the gear was dreck.


As long as there are people who think they can get a good deal spending $300 instead of $450/$500, Behringer will survive and thrive.


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I own a Behringer Euro Power EP1500 power amp. Same as Jeremy C and EddiePlaysBass I bought it years ago before I was aware of their shady practices. It still works perfectly, but I it does not put out anywhere near the power levels they claim. I've used it in my bass rig with various preamps, it is supposed to be putting out 800 watts into my 8 Ohm SWR Goliath III cab, but the Genz Benz NEO-PAK head I just acquired which only puts out 225 watts at 8 Ohm sounds louder and better.


I have resolved a long time ago to never purchase another Behringer product. I wish Peavey much success with the lawsuits!

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I thought the name of the company was "Dead-Ringer"...:facepalm:


I owned two pieces of Behringer gear. One was a small 4 channel mixer which the sliders were so scratchy it was useless. The second was an UltraCurve Pro DEQ2496. Two weeks after purchasing it, the clip lights decided to stick on, even when there was no signal present.


Never again...



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