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I'm named the greatest bass player of all time!


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Gosh, folks - I'm speechless.


Thank yew - thank yew vurry mush.



Thanks to the Band: :rawk::taz::rimshot::rawk:



Thanks to our Fans: :wave::snax::love::bor::wave:



Thanks to the Management Team: :blah: :idk



...and a very special thank you...to YOU! :deadhorse:



(insert your name here)



Play. Just play.
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Congrats! There's no where to go from here but down.


I've been voted #2 in a lot of things. As far as my bass playing, I've been weary of the welcoming committees of villagers bearing pitch forks and torches.

If you think my playing is bad, you should hear me sing!
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IS that like the Monty Python sketch where the guy goes into the One-Hour Cleaners an hour after dropping off his laundry, and his clothes aren't ready because One-Hour Cleaners is just the name of the place? are you, like, "Greatestbassplayerintheworld D. Johnson Jr." or something?

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.





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