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treble bleed/passive gain mod thing


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I had a treble bleed put into my 68 tele (have humbuckers with original pots & cap) and it made the guitar tinny and too ice-picky everywhere so I snipped it out.


Lost it's personality completely but I guess there's something to it - they build them that way now, right ?

Been round the block but am not over the hill...



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depends. they used to use 1000pf caps...wayyyyyyyyyyyy too bright, and some had 1 meg pots...way too much for a tele.

i generally find about 100pf works well. the 1 meg resistor really only smooths the taper down, with a 500k pot, it makes the pickup "see" about a 330k load...apparently humbuckers like that.


if ya wanna try it again, try the resistor alone..if the guitar gets muddy when turned down, try about a 40-56pf cap for a tele.


the gain boost mod just adds balls, and will make the guitar a little darker. you can mix and match components til the cows come home!


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