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Amp Building Suggestions?


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I've done a couple years of soldering and I'm ready to build my first amp. I've decided to build a Marshall 1987 or 2204 clone. Do you guys have suggestions where to look for good info on this? I've seen a few websites already, but I need to find a good site showing diagrams for laying out circuit boards. Ideas,

Anyone???? Thanks....

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inside tube amps by dan torres is what got me into it, i've built a couple amps outta junk i got at dumps and the side of the road, etc...it's perfect for those like me with little knowledge but some previous experience with electronics.

before starting with a marshall, tho, ya may wanna build a champ...

high gain circuits can be a pia with lead dress and routing.


but the cool thing is, once ya get going, you can literally design the amp of YOUR dreams...it ain't rocket science.


i took an early 80's blackface princeton reverb i got in a hoss trade with an intermittent output transformer...fixed it, first experience with tubes after reading that book (dickie bett's old organ guy, matt zeiner, got sick of rebuilding my jcm800 every week, gave it to me and told me to fix the thing myself)


and when all was said and done, it went from 12 watts to 50, from a 10" speaker to a 12" celestion, from 6v6's to 6l6/6550/el34's (depending on my mood) and was ultimately laid out with a marshall style pre, with switchable gain (stolen from the reverb driver circuit) cathode bypass cap switch for phat or normal tone, a vox-ish tone stack, and reverb and trem..with the ass end of a modified ampeg 50 watter. it's sick, dude...it's sick. looks like a princeton, will tear your head off. i played the fox theater at foxwoods casino here in ct...the BIG room...once with it, when i came in, they asked if i wanted the twin, or the marshall half stack. i said "i'll use this"...cranked it up...and they had to pull me outta the foh mix.


i'm telling ya...rewarding, fun, and good times, man....i applaud you for taking the plunge!!!


just one thing...keep one hand in your pocket when testing voltages...for real..


i'm lucky, i got hit with 560 volts dc across my chest working on an ampeg once...i was REAL lucky. these suckers can kill you!!!


but...just be careful, and you'll be fine!


good luck mate...peace!

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yah, bro, that's the one in hock...the guy i pawn'd it to ALWAYS wanted it, and when the poo hit the fan last year, he stepped up and offered just enough cake to make it almost impossible to turn down, or to get together to get back. f%^ker's got my echoplex, too.


here's a pic of the amp:










front panel:



i kick myself in the ass every single bloody day for pawning it...but it was the only way i could get a security deposit together for a new place...he was holding my old firebird at the time, i was lucky to get it back!!!!


long story, but basically, i'm screwed. i've got til october to come up with 800. and i doubt it's gonna happen. i can live without the 'plex...but that princeton is a huge hole in my heart.

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IMHO the Torres book is very poorly written. It has some great info but can be very confusing.


The best bang for the buck is the "Ultimate Tone" series of books from London Power . They explain EVERYTHING and the writing is a lot clearer. It's an investment but it's worth it. The Gerald Weber books are also good but not nearly as comprehensive.


www.ampage.org is a great site.

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I've heard that the TUT series is the best also.


They are pricey, but I guess it's a wise investment if you're gonna get serious about building and designing. For someone who wants to simply build a copy of a "classic"...well, there's free info on the 'net to be had.


Gabriel, which of the TUT series would you consider must-haves?...not that I'm considering buying anything. Nope, no way...

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