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"Guitar Heroes" exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Gabriel E.

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For my birthday my wife and kid took me to see Guitar Heroes at the Met. If anyone is in the NYC area, I HIGHLY recommend seeing this.


It's an exhibit that traces luthiery from the 1600s Italy to modern Italian-American luthiers in NY. Included are instruments from Stradivarius (including a guitar!!), Martin (19th century), Gibson and Maccafari (sp?). There is a strong focus on mandolins and archtop guitars from D'Angelico, D'Aquisto, and Monteleone. The Monteleone guitars are innovative and insanely beautiful. There are also notable instruments that are/were owned by Chet Atkins, Grant Green, Jim Hall, Mary Kay, Mel Bay and Steve Miller.


It's totally awesome.

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Since I live in Queens, I've got no excuse NOT to go.....


Down the block from Archie Bunker, but he ain't there no more..... he wasn't a guitar fan, anyway.

It'll be around until the 4th of July.


With my classes wrapping up for the semester, I should be able to catch this exhibit before it's gone.


Hey, maybe a few Forum Members might plan on checking it out at the same time, that'd be pretty cool...

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