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The Rain Song


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Rain rain go away

rain rain go away

I thought i told you yesterday

i thought i told you yesterday

To wash the pain away

Oh, wash the pain away

Rain rain come today

and give me all i need to stay

rain rain i need you here

I need you now i can't escaaape

I thought i told you yesterday

i thought i said just yesterday

To come again another day

Make this pain just go away

Rain rain go away

Come again come again

just come again some other day

And rain rain wash this pain away.

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Hey - Can I ask how come you repeated so many of those lines? I'm just wondering, because you would do that if you wanted emphasis on a certain line, but here you're doing it often, so that emphasis is getting lost. You might want to save that move for the line that begs of it the most.


Just a thought... nice work!

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