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If Only/The Way/100 Word Love


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If only


If only you were perfect

If only you were the best

Then maybe I wouldn't consider

Shooting myself in the chest

Its all gone downhill

Its all gone so bad

I'm always mad

I'm always so sad

This life is beginning to take

A very big toll on me

This world is like a prison

I will not be able to run free

I cannot continue

I cannot persevere

I cannot let you see me like this

This is the end of things

This is my goodbye

I will always love you

Deep down inside my heart

There is always a place for you


The way


The way you look at me

Makes me want to break free

The way you walk towards me

Makes me want to run free

The way you smile

Gives me a burning sensation

The way you laugh

Makes me want to cry

They way you talk

Makes me want to fly

You took me down

You watched me drown

You laughed at my pain

You will pay

This is the way

The way I do things


100 Word Love


Sacrifice after Sacrifice

I still have to learn

That when I roll the dice of life

That one day I may give it up

Just for you

Because you are worth it

And I could say one million words

That have one million meanings

So I sit here

For I fear that one day I can get away

From the Pain

From the Anguish

That only your lips

Can extinguish

The fire burns so deep

But keeps my love for you raging

Like an untamed forest fire

That has burned off the rubber of deep desire


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