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Closure/Faithful Companion/Poison/Break Me


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I close my eyes just to get away

I close my eyes just so I can open them another day

I close my eyes just to get away from all I do

I close my eyes just to be with you

Because when I dream

You and I are a rippless seam

You and I are a perfect team

When I close my eyes I think of you

I think of how it hurts me so

That when I say

I love you you will never know

And when I open my eyes

In this world of wretched lies

I can look right back into your face

And know that you can understand

Those three words

That hit many like bullets

Because Ill know that when you close yours

You will see me

And thats when your heart soars

But until that time

I will have to stand fast

Because I will wait till you know that we will last

And never give each other to the past

Because I know that our love for each other will always last


Faithful Companion

you are there when I'm down

You are there when i tell yo uto go away

hen you are around me my problems melt away

You never back down

We haev been through alot

I have been mean/i have been cruel

But e have stuck together

When things dont go right

I turn around and grab your hand

You'll be with me

To take a stand



You hurt me

I was living in a life of lies

I was living in a life of protest

I was giving you questions like bullets

You were wearing a bulletproof vest

I have been so hurt

So hurt I cannot see

Your eyes

The lies they hide

The feelings they hide

You finally tell me the truth

Was it hard

You might come crying

Back to me

But all that you'll see

Is a part of the anger you have

Boiled up inside of me


Break me

So many nights Ive sat in this chair

So many days Ive wondered if youd ever care

So many tears to explain my feelings

And so many words to show them the same

So many times Ive heard that you dont know

And so many times Ive heard you dont care

And Ive come to the conclusion that

Maybe someday you will be here

Knowingly telling me how much you care

But my wait is up

Im surrendering to this world

Of love and hate

Greed and lust

Because I gave you a chance

And now its apparent

Moving on is a must.



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