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External Arranger Workstation for...V-Piano or Midi keyboard


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I went today with my piano teacher (and 2 AKG 240 mk2) to a very large reseller that had on display to try all the EP that we wanted to test:


- Kawai MP10

- Roland V-PIANO

- Roland RD700-NX

- YAmaha CVP 509

- YAMAHA Avantgrand n2


I came with the idea of buying the CVP509 because it has everything in one: Piano, Multiple sounds, and many many features to make piano more fun.


But... after 4 hours of test, we really did not like the keyboard of the CVP, nor the keyboard and sound on the Kawai, and did not get so much impress by the Avantgrand.


So... The winners, by far (for our taste) are the 2 Rolands. The V-Piano being very very slightly better than the RD-70O NX, but really the RD-700 NX at half the price of the V-Piano impressed us a lot.


So, my question is: If I take the V-Piano, is there a midi rack/module that I could plug in the V-Piano through Midi, and that can add to the V-Piano everything that the CVP509 or a TRyros has (additional sounds, arranger, rythmes, sampler, Accompaniment style, drums kits...).? A sort of Tyros4... RACK ;)


Thanks in advance for your advices


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Maybe a side note, but I think still OT: I have always found it unfortunate that the module versions of flagship workstations omit the sequencer. Controllers often have transport controls, but what good are they with no sequencer to control? And getting back to one of my previous threads regarding wanting your preferred keybed- if modules included all the features of their keyboard counterparts, then using a controller with modules would make more sense for me.



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