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keyboard stand trouble!


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Hi guys, i'm trying to find a keyboard stand to fit the bill.

I require a heavy duty stand with second tier attachment and also a microphone attachment.


I've been looking at the quiklok products and i think what i want is the qlx-22 with the qlx-4 coming off the 2nd tier?


Does anyone know if these products are compatible? has anyone done this?



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I would recommend a König & Meyer 18950 with upper tier and the mic boom attachment. I have one and it's great - very sturdy. Be aware though that in order to use a mic holder and 2nd tier you need a 18954 adapter as well. Can also be expanded with a music holder. Since you seem to be in the UK - you can order one very cheap from Thomann.

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K&M Spider stand; two tiers (the upper one tilts) and includes a mic fitting for a boom. I've had one for five years and it's still a great stand (and looks cool, too).


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I have a QuikLok double-tier stand, and I absolutely detest it. It's sturdy, yes, but exceptionally hard to adjust, and it has a lot of different points that aren't really straight (as in the left arm is slightly in front of the right arm, etc.). Also, the arms were pretty loose after adjusting them. It was also quite expensive. I have a QuikLok mic stand as well that's garbage as far as I'm concerned, it has terrible balance. My generic mic stands were much less expensive, and are much sturdier.


I'm not sure what's sold in the UK, but I trust any stand review, generally. I've heard great things about Hercules stands, but I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for.

~ Sean

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