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OT: Windows 7 tablets w/slide out Qwerty.


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Next month's CES FrankenWindoz....


It will fill a lot of holes as a mini touch screen device interface for Windows.....Receptors, etc.


10 inch screen. Slide out QWERTY, Less than an inch thick. Can view portrait (for eBooks) or landscape (for media etc.). An iPad slayer at under $500? The death of Netbooks? Not likely but they are trying....




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I like the slide out real keyboard. I dislike typing on a virtual keyboard - to the point of where I won't own a device with one.


I've seen other add on keyboards for the iPad but they are all kind of klutzy and defeat the purpose of a clean portable device.


Aren't the new iPads also due next month? It will be interesting to see what Apple comes up with now that the first generation is history.

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I just saw this case and keyboard for the iPad and it's only $100. It looks very cool.


That's the future.... Tether a phone to it with 64 GB Storage and Micro SD supported and that's the next gen laptop for the average consumer. Switch between the Phone and Tab desktops on the Tab and store files on the Phone or remotely, use the Pad as a monitor for the phone, etc.


Someday the US will get Mobile TV -- it's looking like 2012 will be the big year with 2011 a test in 20 markets.

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A lot of people don't seem to realize that one of the advantages of the "virtual" keyboard on the iOS devices is flexibility. While the competition builds the keyboards in their devices, Apple can make one device for all markets and "change" the keyboard for the language or country in software.

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