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Bootsy's basic funk formula


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That list is pretty terrible. Being that lists like that are VERY subjective, not having Jamerson in the top 5 is a bit ridiculous.


I like Cliff Burton but Pulling Teeth is a guitar solo done on the bass while the first part of that is a great bass solo. I guess that would be the Anesthesia part?

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I almost bought a 6 String Bongo, glad I stuck with the stingray!


Bootsy has a Funk University. I get the news letters but did not want to pay the toll.



But it is a cool idea and he has had cool "Professors" visit.


As for that list... Yeah, i am not even gonna start.


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The list is ridiculous, but then look at the source. The British music press is notorious for lauding some commercial acts that they dub as their darlings. And in the process they routinely overlook real talents. But most of all, lists like this one are designed to stir people up and get them talking about the publication and not necessarily the merits of the subject of said list. Hmmmm.


As for the video of Bootsy? It's great to actually hear his sound so clean for once. He's using effects so often on his recordings that sometimes his sound gets obscured. I'll definitely be adding that video to my favorites because he played a couple of really sweet grooves.


And the Bootsy video also got me searching out some video of Rock School on The YouTube. That series was actually pretty cool, even if it was from the 80's. Watching it now, with the benefit of my own experience, it comes across as pretty basic. But I think if I came across an aspiring musician I'd recommend that they watch some of that series before taking the plunge into becoming a musician, and to continue watching it as they begin their studies.

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Paul Gray...at number three. Better than Cliff Burton, John Entwistle, John Paul Jones, Bootsy Collins... why the hell am I even listing them , every single bassist on that list is better than Paul Gray.


If by "Best" they mean "Most Easily Mixed Out of the Final Cut" then I agree with putting Gray so high.


And Flea at number seven... I might seriously be ill.

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