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C-3 for sale on Craigs List: $300 Too good to be true?


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call anyway,you never know!


I recently picked up two really good deals on keyboards from craigslist,they both looked like the price was wrong.

got a Yamaha SK30 for $***,and a Hohner clav for $***,they both needed work,but were way underpriced,especially the clav.

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Extras, eh? Well, Kelly may offer some other services, or maybe you'll get spam, or some vintage drum machines - organ books, rat droppings in the organ (reminds me of my old Hammond - it didn't last long)...


Serious though, this could be a needle in the rough - my fingers are crossed that you'll pick up a C3 (and not a mislabelled Elka) if you do manage to steal this one. I have some doubts, but keep us updated!

~ Sean

Juno-60, Juno-G, MicroBrute, MS-20 Mini, PX-5S, R3, etc.

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Generally when one is trying to be funny, the use of emoticons is helpful. ;)


Of course, if you're serious, there are plenty of folks around that can help cure your delusions. :thu::wave:



This man speaks the truth.


:D... :D... :D... :thu:



some stuff on myspace


Nord: StageEX-88, Electro2-73, Hammond: XK-1, Yamaha: XS7

Korg: M3-73 EXpanded, M50-88, X50, Roland: Juno D, Kurzweil: K2000vp.

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