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Hamichord doing/did away with 11-pin on audio rack part?


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Unless I am missing something the VB3-2HE rack no longer has an eleven pin. Now that is confidence? I guess the perception is that the rotor simulation is/going to be world class enough not to want a rotor cabinet? My 1st edition *has* the 11 pin. OR, I suppose it is now intended for 1/4 in rotor cabinets with it's own proprietary half-moon/pedal control. That probably makes more sense. I am *sure* this unit in it's earlier form had the 11 pin that begs the question how can the existing HC half-moon be used to control a real Leslie?


One thing: they have 'fire' in their hands with the VB3-2. It is magnificent. For fun I compared to the B4II tonight. It made the B4II (that I use to use) *laughable*.



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